Cyber Security

Equant Solutions delivers a practical, comprehensive, and efficient approach to cyber security risk management that keeps pace with today’s dynamic risk landscape. Our full spectrum on IT security solutions exceed industry standards, helping clients transform risk into opportunity, and allowing them to engage in their business functions.

Identity and Access Management

Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions will help you minimize security risks, enhance responsiveness and control, and ensure compliance with the ever-expanding audit requirements. Equant Solutions Identity and Access Management engagements integrate the process, centralizing user account provisioning and administration, Role-Based Access Control, Role Management, Access Management, Single Sign-On and Federated Identity Management yielding improved security, lowered cost, and increased productivity.

Compliance Services

Equant Solutions works with both the Public and commercial sector customers to identify and comprehend compliance requirements. Equant Solutions in conjunction with its customers defines the overall security risk posture for the organization and identifies the relevant specifications, standards, policies, and laws that the organization needs to adhere to. Equant Solutions supports Public sector agencies and enterprises in meeting their compliance requirements on a continual basis and allow them to comply to various standards and directives such as FISMA, DIACAP, SCAP, NIST, FDCC, HSPD-x, Office of Management and Budget (OMB) memos/directives, HIPAA, and others.

Applications Security

Equant Solutions places security at the core of its development life cycle. Our application security assessments include source code reviews, code scan for security vulnerabilities, run-time scanning, ethical hacking, and advanced manual testing. Our application security integration services include secure authentication, identity management, and SOA security services.