Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

Equant Solutions BI solutions allow its customer to make smart business decisions through the deployment of its tools, processes, and technologies and supported by its mobility solutions. Quite often, clients have already attempted to deliver analytical reporting or business intelligence. Sometimes they have a failed attempt at a large data warehouse, other times it’s a series of data mart silos that conflict with each other, and other times it’s a collection of Access databases maintained by various business units.

Regardless of the state of your data, Equant Solutions can help you get on the right track and start delivering results. Equant Solutions has several different BI services to assist you when there is no clear project defined. These services can be customized to meet your specific needs, and cover a wide range of areas

  • Assessing and understanding the current state
  • Defining a clear BI strategy and roadmap to achieve it
  • Selecting vendors and tools
  • Developing and Implementing the solution
  • Building Centers of Excellence to create world-class BI organizations.

BI Solution Delivery

Equant Solutions has successfully delivered hundreds of BI projects solving a variety of analytical, reporting, and data cleanup problems. Whether involved to provide project oversight, fill individual project roles, or run the entire project, Equant Solutions works with its customers to ensure that the results exceed expectations.

Our results-driven, incremental approach to BI projects ensures that business users see value early and often. A key to that is working with your business and IT communities to forge a common understanding of what those risks and challenges are, build a consensus vision for the road forward, and articulate compelling value propositions from both business and IT perspectives. This creates the foundation for gaining sponsorship and funding, and for building a pragmatic roadmap to guide the route forward to success. At the heart of our practice is our proven methodology that aligns with PMBOK best practices which drives this approach.

BI Optimization Services

Equant Solutions has a number of services to help optimize your BI investment. Optimum performance is crucial to keeping users happy, maximizing the throughput, and minimizing the load window. However, often companies either don’t know where to start or waste their time tweaking settings that have minimal effect; and they often have no way to measure if they’re actually improving performance. Equant Solutions approach has proven to deliver results time after time.

Our approach includes a BI Optimization Assessment to develop an actionable list of what should be changed and what will provide the largest improvement. This is then followed by a systematic process of making changes and measuring the improvements, starting with those that have the biggest impact. As always, customers can tailor the project to their needs. The overall goal is to maximize the return on your BI investment.

  • Cost Reduction through decommissioning legacy systems, automating maintenance, and additional measures
  • Optimizing Information Assets by delivering effective analytics, dashboards, and reporting applications
  • Adherence to Best Practices to simplify the environment and maximize reusability

Performance Management

More and more companies are using modern business performance management (BPM) systems to drive profitable growth. Our research shows that when a BPM program is supported by BI and advanced analytic capabilities that enable high-quality business performance measurement and management, organizations find that they are three times more likely to achieve high levels of improved business performance than companies who lack a cohesive approach to BPM and business analytics.

While the idea of driving business performance is nothing new, modern BPM systems offer greater efficiency and effectiveness in developing forecasts, plans, and budgets.  Equally important, BPM systems provide scorecards and dashboards that continually monitor and measure multiple key aspects of business performance.  When variances occur – as they always do – modern analytics allow leaders, managers, and analysts to quickly get to the root causes of the problem and then accurately predict the financial and operational outcomes of different potential corrective action plans.  Together, BPM and analytics make companies more informed and more agile – and they empower business people to gain greater control of business performance.

Using our performance management framework, Equant Solutions has worked with leading companies in a wide range of industries to design and deploy high-impact BPM and analytics systems built using business intelligence and data warehousing technologies.

  • Enable executives to easily monitor key performance indicators (KPI’s) – financials, workforce, customer and operations
  • Empower marketing professionals with better information and analytics for acquiring and retaining customers, improving channel performance, increasing the financial impact of marketing campaigns, developing customer segments based on customer lifetime value, optimizing pricing, and managing product/category portfolios more
  • Provide financial management professionals with performance information and analytics to more efficiently and accurately manage P/L, to better understand the linkages between operational performance and financial results
  • Empower operations professionals with better information and analytics for understanding and optimizing all facets of operational performance – including costs, quality, supply chain performance , customer service, margin improvement, and asset utilization
  • Provide sales professionals with the information and analytics they need to meet their goals – including information and analytics for sales forecasting, revenue monitoring, variance analyses, managing sales channel intermediaries, and monitoring customer service more
  • Empower IT and business intelligence professionals to meet business demands for better tools to drive performance by accelerating the delivery and impact of  integrated performance management and analytics applications